“Gatsby” Premieres; First Review Appears

“The Great Gatsby” had its world premiere last night at Lincoln Center in New York. Which meant that the film’s stars, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio (who’ve known each other since they were kids), and its CD’s mastermind, Jay-Z, had to dress up. Of course, they had to dress up: every fashion label in the world (Brooks Brothers, Prada) has a “Gatsby” tie-in. Tom Shone saw the movie. His bottom line: ‘It’s all very impressive yet slightly boring at the same time, falling afoul of that old law of cinema that states: no act of Dionysian revelry is ever quite as exciting to watch as it was to conceive. And Luhrmann is nothing if not a filmmaker of immaculate conceptions, his film a brochure of gorgeous images, like someone leafing through a Prada catalogue, with the effect that anyone who has seen a trailer for this movie already has an unnervingly accurate sense-impression of what it actually feels like to watch.’

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