Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: Conflicted about all the mixed reviews for “Gatsby”? Yeah, it’s long, but the music is great, and you’ve probably already seen the more entertaining “Iron Man 3.” Fans of Kerry “Scandal” Washington might want to check out “Peeples.” Television: Kristen Wiig, the best female cast member in “SNL”‘s history, returns to host the show on Saturday. I stopped watching “Revenge” this season (too silly), but for those of you who haven’t the finale is Sunday. Music: The Pistol Annies “Annie Up” is a nice break on the best-seller CD list from the usual old-people fare — Rod Stewart, Michael Buble. Haven’t heard Macklemore and Lewis’s “Can’t Hold Us” yet? Here ya go. Books: Food evangelist Michael Pollan finally gets his hands dirty in the kitchen in “Cooked.” Sports: The Knicks need to win on Saturday to cement momentum. Will someone tell me when I need to start watching the hockey playoffs? Finally: Call your mother this weekend. If she’s no longer alive, listen to her favorite song and reminisce.

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