Diplo: Daft Punk CD Good For Drugs

The new Daft Punk CD, “Random Access Memories,” is selling like mad and one of my friends calls it “dance music to fall asleep by” (not a compliment). The American dj/producer Diplo had to issue a review: “This daft punk album would probably be really good to take drugs and listen to on a rainy bridge across the gulf of mexico but I dnt know … Reminds me of when I was 19 really high and listened to kid a over and over again but I don’t know if yung kids will get It … I think the song with julian casablancas would be better with marky mark walbergs character from boogie nights doing the vocals … The song with todd edwards makes me feel like I’m alone at waffle house and the jukebox is broken and only micheal mcdonald plays out of it … Motherboard sounds like a coked up austrian guy working on chariots of fire soundtrack then got fired but I fuck with it.”

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