Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: Two strong possibilities: “Star Trek into Darkness,” about you know what, and “Frances Ha,” which is Noah Baumbach’s black-and-white dive into hipster Brooklyn and which one wag called “Annie Ha.” Television: “SNL”‘s season finale features Ben Affleck and Kanye West. On PBS, “Mr. Selfridge” — a gigantic piece of cheese featuring a miscast Jeremy Piven — is now on its eighth episode. Thank God it’s the end. Music: Indie rock — Vampire Weekend, The National — is taking back the CD charts from the divas. And when did pop/rock become so French: Phoenix, Daft Punk? Books: Sonali Deraniyagala’s “Wave” ruthlessly chronicles the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that horrifically snatched from her all that mattered. Beautiful. Sports: If the Knicks collapse on Saturday then it’s back to baseball. (Especially the Mets’ pitcher, Matt Harvey.) Finally: The pundits who say that Republicans have waited five years to put the screws to Obama seem to have forgotten the past five years.

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