Who Should Play The Diva In “Bullets”?

“Bullets Over Broadway,” the 1994 Woody Allen/Douglas McGrath movie comedy starring Dianne Wiest (right), is being turned into a musical. It will play Broadway’s St. James Theater next spring. A reading of the project is about to be held, but it’s not starring the actress who I think should play the diva role, Helen Sinclair, the part that won an Oscar for Wiest. I’m talking about Glenn Close (left). Why should Glenn do it? 1) As she showed us from her performance years ago in the “Sunset Boulevard” musical, she looks great in a turban. 2) She is a Greenwich blueblood related the Marjorie Meriwether Post, so she knows something about grande dames. 3) She can sing. What, you think Wiest herself should play it onstage? Maybe you’re right.

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