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Nine Inch Nails Announce New Album

Apart from the Congressional retirement of Michelle Bachmann, it’s the best news of the day: Nine … Read more »

“Buffy” Lives On!

by Lisa Steinberg
May 20, 2013 marked the 10 year anniversary of when the hit television show … Read more »

“To Kill A Mockingbird” Opens In London

Robert Sean Leonard (pictured) seemed like ideal casting for Atticus Finch in the stage adaptation of … Read more »

“The Killing” Returns To Weak Reviews

The third season of “The Killing” begins Sunday on AMC. I’m not surprised that the reviews … Read more »

Lionel Richie A Huge Star In Middle East

David Hasselhoff has Germany, Lionel Richie has Iraq. Over the past decade, the “Hello” singer has … Read more »

Kelly Rowland & Beyoncé: New Song

World’s Largest Choir Performs In Russia

More than 4,000 Russian singers have performed outdoors in St. Petersburg with the aim of setting … Read more »