“After Earth”: The Ten Best Insults

The day a new M. Night Shyamalan movie hits theaters might as well be labeled Critics’ Christmas. Ever since 2004′s “The Village” — and, even worse, 2006′s “Lady in the Water” — each successive film from the Academy Award-nominated writer/director has given writers a golden opportunity to one-up each other with jabs at Shyamalan’s oeuvre. And even though it’s more of a Will Smith joint than a Shyamalan picture, “After Earth,” which had a highly disappointing weekend at the box office, has been no exception. Here, ew.com compiled the 10 best insults critics have lobbed at “After Earth” since its release. Sample: ‘Summer 2013 has its first bomb, and sadly, it’s landed right on Will Smith.’ Sadly?

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