Copeland: First Black Soloist In 20 Years

Misty Copeland (pictured), a ballerina who lived in a single motel room with her mother and five siblings during her teenage years, will become the American Ballet Theatre‘s first black soloist in 20 years. So saeth the Guardian: ‘Copeland, who has been recovering from a career-threatening injury this year, is one of six soloists in today’s matinee performance of “Le Corsaire” at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She will perform again on Saturday evening. In an interview with the New York Post, the 30-year-old explained the moment’s significance: “People say, ‘It’s 2013, you live in New York City, you’re [being] dramatic – but they don’t understand the way the ballet world works. We’re completely behind the way the world has evolved. Ballet is just kind of staid.”‘

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