Woody’s New Movie: Serious Drama

Observes the Guardian: ‘Woody Allen has never been liberal with his advance plot details, so trailers always put a bit of flesh on his moviemaking bones. The arrival of “Blue Jasmine”‘s promo clues us in that – shock! horror! – Allen has gone back to his first and truest love – Serious Drama. Having found unlikely commercial success with a string of tourist-bus comedies (“Midnight in Paris,” “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” “To Rome with Love”), Allen has reached back into his own creative past with this new one: a teary, sisterish neo-Chekhovian piece which looks to have reassembled elements of “Husbands and Wives,” “Interiors,” and “Another Woman.” The trailer shows off Cate Blanchett front and centre, doing a decent stab at a Judy Davis-esque too-many-cigarettes, edge-of-sanity rasp.’ But there’s only one Judy Davis.

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