Is This The Next “Game Of Thrones”?

“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson (pictured) is returning to fantasy cinema after signing on to play the lead in “Game of Thrones-style” saga “Queen of the Tearling.” Watson will play 19-year-old idealistic princess Kelsea Glynn, created by Erika Johansen after the author heard a 2007 speech by a pre-presidential Barack Obama. Johansen signed a seven-book deal in February and the first novel in the series is due next year. It is set three centuries after an environmental catastrophe, when a malevolent Red Queen reigns over the kingdom of the Tearling. (Does a Red Queen mean an eventual Red Wedding?) Glynn must defeat the monarch to reclaim her deceased mother’s crown, and publishers have compared the tone of the series with that of George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, which is being adapted by HBO as “Game of Thrones.”

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