Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I didn’t love “Man of Steel” (absurd ending!), but I’m in the minority. “This Is The End” looks totally frat-house, but maybe has a few laughs. Television: Inspector Lewis and “True Blood” both ooze back to life on Sunday: reasons to live! Isn’t “Mad Men” over yet? Music: I listened to the new Black Sabbath CD, “13,” but am sorry to say I wasn’t transported back to my leather-accessoried youth. The “Kinky Boots” CD is a crossover hit: when was the last time Broadway had one of those? Books: I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Carl Hiaasen mystery outside an airport, but the new one, “Bad Monkey,” is tempting. Also: Colum McCann’s new novel, “TransAtlantic,” is beautiful. Sports: My hope for the NHL playoffs: Blackhawks up! Finally: Father’s Day this year also happens to be Bloomsday. Here’s to James Joyce!

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