“Hannibal” Serves Up Finale Tonight

The first season of Bryan Fuller‘s much-loved, visually beautiful translation of the cannibal creep’s pop mythos serves it final course tonight. EW says it’s “a flakey tart of psychological tension, gruesomely garnished with an upchucked ear. It’s delicious. The unraveling of psycho-empath Will Graham (Hugh Dancy, pictured) shivers toward a climactic chill that will especially satisfy serious Lecterphiles. The dread is impressively scaled, the actors deliver puncturing moments. Caroline Dhavernas’ tears. The way Gillian Anderson says, ”Controversial dish, veal.” Mads Mikkelsen’s last smirk. ”I could use a good scream,” says Will. Might he get it? Spoiler! You certainly will.”

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