Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Unless you love zombies or Brad Pitt, don’t bother with “World War Z.” Kids out of school? Try “Monsters University.” Television: My friends keep telling me this “Mad Men” season has been decent: finale is on Sunday. Last week’s “True Blood” was pretty meh, but I’ll stuck with it for now. Music: “True Believers,” the title of Darius Rucker’s new CD, is a phrase that gives me the creeps, but Rucker’s music is infectious. Books: I’m liking Martin Cruz Smith’s new thriller, “Stalin’s Ghost.” And Jack O’Brien’s “Jack Be Nimble” is the best theatrical memoir since Harold Kennedy’s “No Pickle, No Performance.” Sports: Still recovering from the NBA final. Baseball awaits. Finally: Do you think the Supreme Court will do the right thing next week?

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