Will Tommy Tune Re-Tool “Top Hat”?

That’s the rumor that the New York Post’s Michael Riedel is floating. “Top Hat” is a swirling musical that uses standards — Berlin, Gershwin, the usual suspects — to enchant. In London, where it is playing, it got mixed reviews, but Riedel is sure that if Tune were given a free hand, “he’d turn it into a confectionery delight.” I’m dubious that “Top Hat” will ever make it to Broadway. For one thing, it would be a lot more expensive to produce than in London. For another, Tune is busy with a Studio 54 musical (opening in LA in the fall) called “Fifty-Four Forever,” and I don’t see him committing to Broadway on “Top Hat” until he sees the fate of the disco show in New York. Nevertheless, Tune has just seen “Top Hat” in London. So for all you lovers of old-time shows, know hope.

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