Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’m in the mood to laugh, not watch Washington DC get blown up: so I vote for “The Heat” over “White House Down.” Television: “Annie” fans should watch this documentary on Friday night from PBS. If I followed reality shows other than “The Amazing Race,” then I’d check out “Big Brother.” Music: I love that Mavis Staples’ new CD, “One True Vine,” is selling well. And I enjoyed Natalie Cole dueting with Nat King Cole on “Unforgettable,” so I’m looking forward to Natalie’s new collaboration: “Natalie Cole en Espanol.” Books: The Paula Deen fiasco has lost her endorsements, but her compilation of favorite recipes is selling like her butter-freighted hotcakes. Sports: I’m still reeling from that thrilling NHL finale, so don’t ask me to watch anything else (except Wimbledon). Finally: This Sunday’s Gay Pride parade in New York is going to be one long “thank you” to the Supreme Court.

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