Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: The sci-fi “Pacific Rim” is loud and bombastic, but it has great visuals — which probably won’t prevent it from flopping commercially. For the art-house crowd, the must-see is “Fruitvale Station.” Television: If you have Netflix, binge on the terrific new women’s-prison series, “Orange Is The New Black.” The royals-loving crowd should check out “Secrets Of Chatsworth” on Sunday. Music: Steve Grand’s gayish country video, “All-American Boy,” is worth a listen. Am finally coming round to the glories of opera singer Nina Stemme: A Wagner CD is her latest. Books: A neurosurgeon’s “proof” of heaven has been Number One on Amazon this week: Oh, brother. Sports: I’m watching the Tour de France pretty religiously, but I still don’t have a favorite: they’re all dopers to me. Finally: All those supposed scandals that were supposed to bring down Obama didn’t exactly stick, did they?

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