Conquering TV One “Devious” Tweet At A Time

Justin Hernandez writes: ‘Something exciting is happening over on Lifetime TV on Sunday nights. A group of followers has taken to Twitter with the hashtag “#DeviousArmy” and are live-tweeting during the broadcast of each new episode of Devious Maids. However, here’s where it gets interesting: The cast and crew of the show are tweeting along with the #DeviousArmy creating an interactive social media and television viewing experience during the East Coast airing of the episodes (this is also done again three hours later for the West Coast). The end result has created a legion of loyal fans and has also produced steady growth in viewership for Devious Maids. Not bad for a show that received criticism even before it debuted.

‘I am one of the people who join in on the fun every Sunday night. My initial curiosity about the show was motivated by the fact that Eva Longoria and Marc Cherry from Desperate Housewives serve as executive producers, and I am a fan of several of the actresses who were cast in Devious Maids as well. When the promo ads and billboards started appearing for the show, I knew I had to check it out. (I don’t know very many models, let alone actresses, who can pose with cleaning supplies and look sexy.) So on Sunday, June 23rd, I tuned in and watched the premiere episode of Devious Maids. I thought it was well-written and humorous, and definitely worth watching again. As for the initial criticism the show received about having Latina actresses portray maids? I’m Latino, and I wasn’t offended in the least bit. The key to tackling stereotypes is to play off of them, not to play into them. I think Longoria and company succeeded in doing that. And seriously, would we have been interested in a show that was titled Devious Brain Surgeons?’

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