Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Elysium“: Matt Damon with a shaved head? Jodie Foster as an unrepentant bitch? I’m there! As for porn saga “Lovelace,” it really sounds too depressing. Television: If you don’t know by now that the return of “Breaking Bad” has been my reason to live for months, then you haven’t ever read this site before, have you? Music: “Bach: Sonatas & Partitas 1,” a CD by mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile, is worth a listen. Books: I’ve been trying to read Mark Leibovich’s “This Town,” a takedown of political Washington, but all the main players in it are so revolting that I doubt I’ll finish the volume. Elsewhere: Zbigniew Herbert’s poetry is a marvel. Sports: Tiger had a big win last week: can he repeat his strong play this weekend at the PGA? Finally: Russia’s human-rights record gets worse and worse, but let’s not pretend the U.S. doesn’t have blood on its hands.

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