Fox News: Oprah Pushing Racism

Fox News host Martha MacCallum and Republican strategist Dee Dee Benkie rejected Oprah Winfrey’s claim that the prejudicial treatment she received in Switzerland was racism on “America Live”, and wondered if the OWN mogul was needling the story as a promotional tool for her new movie, “The Butler” (pictured). I do have to admit that I scratched my head and wondered why Oprah brought up a story that happened to her quite a while ago: I mean, it isn’t as if she doesn’t already have access to the media. I don’t know if there was gross, overt racism involved in the Swiss tale (and Oprah, to her credit, regrets that the story blew up), but I have to confess that I enjoyed the idea of the powerful, often messianic Miss Oprah getting taken down a peg.

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