Have You Watched The New “Homeland”?

Over the past two days, several LW readers have sent me emails about the opening episode of the new “Homeland” season. But it doesn’t premiere until September 29, you say? Hah! Seems an alleged screener handed to critics at July’s Television Critics Association event in Los Angeles made its way to BitTorrent over the holiday weekend. And the promise of Saul, Carrie, and Brody onscreen for more than 75 seconds was enticing enough for everyone to overlook the fact that the circulating copy is missing both the opening credits and a few special effects. There’s still no word from Showtime on what will happen to their September 29 debut, but according to Deadline, “producer 20th Century Fox has its anti-piracy unit working on the issue,” now that over 100,000 users have pirated the episode.

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