John Waters Latest Project: “Carsick”

Like Bryan Abrams, I never tire of John Waters. Abrams tells us: ‘In May of 2012, Waters hitchhiked across the country, from Baltimore to San Francisco. It took him eight days and about 15 rides to complete, and he’s turning the experience into a book entitled “Carsick” for Farrar, Straus & Giroux. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the charming Waters had a charmed experience—he copped several rides off a 20-year old Maryland councilman (a Republican, no less) who drove him from Maryland to Ohio, then reconnected with Waters in Denver and drove him to Reno, eventually meeting up with Waters a third time to tour San Francisco and take a peek inside his apartment. When he didn’t have the councilman to count on, Waters found himself on a stretch of Interstate 70 where he was picked up by the indie rock group Here We Go Magic.’

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