Today’s Rants: Vladimir Putin, Kanye West

While Vladimir Putin screamed that the “rebels” not Assad were responsible for chemical attacks in Syria (and back home in Russia vigilante gangs targeted LGBT people), Kanye went off in Brooklyn. Pusha-T was the guest of honor at his “My Name Is My Name” album listening party Wednesday night in the NYC borough, but all eyes were on the man next to him: Kanye. After asking the DJ to wait before starting the next track, West got on the mic and delivered one of his fiercest rants to date, expressing his support for Pusha-T by ripping some of the usual suspects (“corporations”) and taking aim at some new supposed trend biters (people who wear camouflage prints, people who “put numbers on the back of their t-shirts”). What can I say? Kanye attacking corporations is a little like Putin attacking the U.S.: in both cases the facts belie any credibility.

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