Should You See “Enough Said”?

I have to confess I’m not about to shell out $14 to see Nicole Holofcener‘s comedy “Enough Said,” although I’m sure I’ll watch it on Netflix. But this James Gandolfini/Julia Louis-Dreyfus flick has done well in limited release, and will pick up further steam when it hits more theatres. The film will probably get some Golden Globe noms, and maybe even a sympathy-tinged Oscar nom for Gandolfini. But I’m not buying the pundits (Scott Feinberg here; Mark Harris here) who think “Enough Said” could be a very serious awards contender. It’s a comedy that, however well-written, has “TV movie” stamped all over it. And I don’t buy the argument that calling it “TV movie” is an automatic sexist put-down because the picture’s director is a woman. But I can’t get too passionate about my viewpoint because, as I’ve admitted, I haven’t seen the movie.

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