Vampire Weekend’s Koenig Reviews Drake

The Talkhouse is a website where artists review current albums by other artists — you may remember when Lou Reed defended Kanye’s “seriously smart” “Yeezus” there. Now, the site has enlisted Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig (pictured) to take on Drake’s excellent new LP “Nothing Was the Same.” Koenig took an unorthodox route. Rather than a conventional review, he penned a 1,195-word treatise on “motherfuckers who never loved us,” a response to “Nothing Was the Same”‘s mean, propulsive highlight “Worst Behaviour”. The piece recounts a (possibly fictional) time in 2007 when Vampire Weekend opened for a Danish band in Portland. Crazy! Koenig writes: ‘I gotta be honest — I didn’t listen to the whole thing. Obviously, it’s good.’

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