Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Captain Phillips,” with newly announced diabetic Tom Hanks, is definitely worth seeing. I’m not as sure about the indie movie about 1970s rock, “CBGB.” Television: I find Bill Maher a little annoying, but I always watch his Friday-night gabfest. One Sunday-night PBS show about a department store this year (“Selfridge’s”) was bad enough, but now there’s a second one, “The Paradise.” Music: I tried really tried to listen to the new Pearl Jam CD, “Lightning Bolt“: no luck. Why am I listening to so much Diana Krall lately? Paul McCartney’s new CD, “New,” is getting excellent reviews. Books: “David and Goliath” is facile and entertaining, but isn’t that why we read Malcolm Gladwell? Sports: Can’t believe the Chiefs are still undefeated and the Giants still defeated. Finally: Michelle Bachmann believes we are living in “end times.” How about some end times for her and her fellow Tea Partiers?

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