Sunday-Night TV: What I Thought

The Good Wife: In the day after Alicia’s ouster, Florrick/Agos battled Lockhart/Gardner to get client files for a case they’ve taken over. I could have done without the opener — who’s in bed with whom: Will’s latest bimbo is a shameless ploy to show T & A — but for the most part last night sustained the program’s new energy. Although I don’t like disliking Diane (Christine Baranski, pictured) so much. Grade: A-. Homeland: Carrie attempted to lead Javadi to a meeting with Saul, but the slippery villain has other plans in mind. The show is racing through its plot points now, as if the creators had been reading all those online complaints about the current season. Meh. Grade: C+. The Walking Dead: Rick and Carol go on a run as the others continue on their quest for medicine. I sometimes ask myself why I watch this show, other than it’s become the No. 1 scripted drama on television. I guess that’s reason enough. Grade: B. Boardwalk Empire: Dr. Valetin Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright) has gotten into a big feud with Chalky White (Michael K. Williams), with Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) in the middle. Uh-oh. Grade: B+.

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