Glenn Close To Play Mame? We Want Cher!

According to this report, Close is allegedly Jerry Herman‘s top choice to take on the role in a 50th anniversary production of “Mame,” though there’s no word on whether an official offer has been made, or if talks have even begun. Some folks think Close’s singing voice is too thin, and that she is too old and too cold to play that ultimate madcap Mame Dennis, and they have a point: Roz Russell was 51 when she did the character in the movies, and Angela Lansbury was 41 when she premiered the musical role on Broadway. Close is 66. Better casting for the “Mame” revival: Christine Baranski, if she can be pried away from “The Good Wife.” Of course, the ultimate star casting would be Cher (who, thanks to surgery and good genes, is ageless). But why should Miss Cher do eight shows a week on Broadway for $50,000 when she can make ten times that in Vegas?

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