Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

The Good Wife: Let’s all cheer the return of Nathan Lane (pictured) as the numbers cruncher for Alicia’s new firm. Let’s all boo the fact that Alicia’s husband, who’s only the governor of a major state, has been sidelined again. Grade: B. The Walking Dead: After an episode set primarily on the road away from the Prison, “Internment” focuses on the struggles directly concerning the Prison community from directly outside (the herd) and within (the virus). Pretty good plotting. Grade: B+. Homeland: I keep trying to like this show as it flails: Quinn is forced to confess for a crime he didn’t commit; Saul pulls off the final act of his secret operation; Javadi reveals the truth about Brody. Grade: B-. Boardwalk Empire: The motherfucker showdown got bloody last night, with characters played by Jeffrey Wright and Michael B. Williams getting nasty. I’m not sure where the Kelly Macdonald subplot is going, but I’ll stick with it for now. Grade: A-.

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