Television: Sunday-Night Scoreboard

The Good Wife: Too many characters, too many romantic subplots (especially Will’s: absurd). I almost lost track of the main plot: a deportation case. Grade: C+. The Walking Dead: The Governor (David Morrissey, pictured) unleashed his wrath upon the abandoned Woodbury. I guess that explains why Rick and the gang didn’t set up camp in the fortified town and stayed in the Prison. Grade: B+. Boardwalk Empire: A ponderously paced episode with only one point of interest. Hint: It concerned Kelly Macdonald‘s character, and a cruel comeuppance. Grade: B-. Homeland: Tonight’s hour began with Carrie, who stayed true to her character in a strong plot that helped her realize Saul’s odd behavior, and ended by pushing the plot forward instead of simply grabbing our attention. Grade: A-.

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