Modern-Art Museum Opens In Mexico City

The Museo Jumex, the latest museum to go up in the deliriously art-rich Mexico City, is a stout limestone box of a building, with a signature roof made up of four right triangles lined up in a jagged row. They are, almost literally, new waves. The museum, fueled by the riches of Grupo Jumex, the massive Mexican fruit juice company, opened Tuesday in a bustling neighborhood of glass-and-steel high rises just north of the ritzy Polanco district. It will be dedicated mostly to art that came after the peak of classic Modernism.

Though there are other venues for contemporary art in the Mexican capital, the Jumex, with its high-profile location and deep-pocketed patron, is likely to do more than any other to bring a shock of the new to a city largely defined by its vast troves of pre-Columbian, colonial and 20th century masterworks.

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