It’s True: “Frozen” Is First-Rate Disney

I’m not sure I’d go as far as this writer, but, having seen the movie, I share his enthusiasm. ‘”Frozen,” which hits theaters Wednesday, is the best Disney film since “The Lion King,” and a powerful reminder of how astonishing the company’s magic can really be. This is also, as it happens, the third consecutive year that Disney’s big animated release is better than Pixar‘s. The knee-jerk reaction to such a thing would be to call Disney the new Pixar. But the more accurate coronation is that Disney is the new Disney.

‘”Frozen” pulls off its animated abracadabra by conjuring up the elements that made Disney’s modern classics just that. It’s about two sister princesses—this is Disney, did you really expect anything else?—in the Scandinavian kingdom of Arendelle whose relationship is tested when their parents die in a tragic accident—again, this is Disney, did you really expect anything else? Mostly, though, it’s about the transformative powers of true love, of both the sisterly and romantic kind. This is Disney, and we don’t want to expect anything else.’

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