Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Getting On: A new HBO comedy starring Laurie Metcalf (pictured) and Alex “Ms. Swan” Bornstein has a promising debut. And let’s face it: nowhere offers more possibilities for black humor than a hospital’s extended-care unit. Grade: A-. Homeland: Brody is back in action, and this week’s episode, “One Last Time,” suggests that the show may turn around fully by season’s end. Grade: B+. The Walking Dead: The Governor came roaring back in a way that was almost bipolar in the mood swings. But this show has never been subtle, has it? Grade: B. The Good Wife: A plot thread about an accused Islamic terrorist provided minimal suspense. A lovable-rogue Irish lawyer is the latest lame effort to inject romance into the show. Grade: C+. Boardwalk Empire: The two black kingpins keep fighting it out. A main character is brutally murdered. The episode — and the season — ended in poetic yet confusing fashion. I had hopes that this series would right itself, but it didn’t. Grade: B-.

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