“If/Then” Musical: Charming & Ungainly

Peter Marks of the Washington Post reviews “If/Then,” the new musical starring Idina “Wicked” Menzel and James Snyder (pictured). Marks says: ‘Ever buy an appliance with so many working parts that you feel the need to read the owner’s manual again and again? A first sitting through “If/Then,” the charming and ungainly new musical trying out for Broadway at the National Theatre, engenders a sensation like that: It’s a shiny new thing you’re eager to play with, but it doesn’t prove to be entirely user-friendly. The brainchild of composer Tom Kitt and book and lyric writer Brian Yorkey of “Next to Normal” fame, “If/Then” boasts a number of appealing features, including an earthy star with heavenly pipes, Idina Menzel.’

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