Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: If you like either the early-1960s New York folk-music scene or the Coen Brothers, then “Inside Llewyn Davis” is for you. Otherwise, go see “Frozen” again. Television: Grammy noms are announced on Friday. “The Amazing Race” finale is on Sunday, so no “Good Wife.” But the epic “Bonnie & Clyde” begins. Music: Ellen DeGeneres, whose TV show has become too much like “Let’s Make A Giveaway,” has released a collection of Dance Jams. Nina Stemme’s rendition of Strauss’s “Four Last Songs” is sublime. Books: Finally caught up to A.M. Homes’s novel “May We Be Forgiven“: terrific! Sports: The hapless Knicks-Nets game the other night reminded us: every New York pro team sucks right now. I’m consoling myself with college football. Finally: “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”: Nelson Mandela.

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