Why Is Slimy R. Kelly Not In Jail?

Marlow Stern asks the question on my mind every time I see this clown on television: ‘He’s dry-humping Gaga on ‘SNL’ and promoting his new album, ‘Black Panties,’ but after child porn allegations and a secret marriage to an underage Aaliyah, why is R. Kelly given a pass?’ Yes, he’s never been convicted, cuz $$$ buys good lawyers. But his trail of sordidness is so long that this isn’t a question of forgiving someone for one or two transgressions: it’s a never-ending pattern. And all the pop stars who hang with him — Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift — are complicit in rehabilitating R. Kelly’s image. He’s not an ooh-ahh-exciting bad boy; he’s a creep.

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