Kelly Clarkson Next For Television Musical?

The winning formula for NBC’s “The Sound of Music” was: place popular “American Idol” winner in a family-friendly classic musical and voila: a hit! So the most logical person to ask next would be Kelly Clarkson, whose new Christmas CD is selling like hotcakes. She would bring the same giant fanbase to a TV special that Carrie Underwood did. I doubt NBC will do another R & H show right away, however, even though Clarkson in “The King and I” would score huge ratings. “Oliver!” would be nice, says Michael Riedel, but the main roles are Fagin and the boys. Unless you can get Justin “headed for rehab” Bieber to play the Artful Dodger, I don’t think “Oliver!” is likely. “West Side Story” with any of the Bieber or boy-band types, though — or even with Justin Timberlake — would do well. But you may have to cut the rape scene.

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