Kanye Returned To “South Park”

Back in 2009, Kanye West was the subject of the “Fishsticks” episode of “South Park”. They goofed hard on his humorless nature, and last night, they did it again. Kanye returned from the sea to lecture the class about rumors spread about him (he’s not Aquaman) and Kim Kardashian (who is not a hobbit). Following the “Fishsticks” episode, Kanye wrote a post on his website thanking “South Park” for the episode. In 2010, Matt Stone talked to Pitchfork about the episode, saying, “I mean we’re like, ‘Kanye, you are humorless. You do need to grow a sense of humor.’ Yeah, so that was not what we expected to have happen, to have him thank us. [laughs] I thought we were going to need a bodyguard, you know?” The new episode seems to take its cues partially from Kanye’s Zane Lowe interview and subsequent beef with Jimmy Kimmel.

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