“Duck” Problem Doesn’t Hurt X-Mas Sales

A&E broke its silence on Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s anti-gay comments late Wednesday. The cable network announced Robertson is off the hit show for the time being. In a GQ interview, Robertson called homosexuality illogical and loosely cited Bible scripture to compare homosexuality to bestiality, adultery and prostitution. In a sign that controversy can be good for business, the sales of the “Duck” people’s holiday CD continue to be strong. Cuz nothing says Christmas like “get them gays.” In related news, a friend tells me that on the “Today” show this morning (I only watch daytime TV if I’m on my deathbed) Sarah Palin voiced support for Phil Robertson. Why does NBC consider this newsworthy? Oh, right, because NBC is also the network that is bringing you the Winter Olympics from gay-hating Russia and the network needs to voice “the other side.” As for Palin, I don’t object the media covering her because I disagree with her but because she is so irredeemably stupid.

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