Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’m not a huge Joaquin Phoenix fan, but “Her” is worth your consideration. “Anchorman 2” is better and funnier than you might expect. Television: If you need respite from holiday fare, TCM is showing “Send Me No Flowers,” with the virginally indignant Doris Day, on Friday. On Sunday, there’s the premiere of a comedy on PBS called “Mr. Stink.” Music: I’m catching up to “Foreverly,” the CD collaboration between Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones. Books: Bill Bryson, whose cheap-shot anti-Americanism can be annoying, has written an engaging book called “One Summer: America, 1927.” Sports: Don’t you just love that the Obamas are not going to the Winter Olympics? I was shocked, shocked about the Brian Boitano news, however. Finally: Here’s my motto for life these days: “Don’t be a victim, be a volunteer.”

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