American “Broadchurch” Adds Cast

I didn’t love BBC America’s “Broadchurch”: too much mood, not enough fast-paced crime-solving. But apparently I’m in the minority because the program is being remade and set in America. Nick Nolte is the latest star to join the swelling cast of this reboot, which comes from Fox and is called “Gracepoint.” Nolte joins the show, about a murder in a small coastal town, as a series regular, playing Jack Reinhold, a stubborn, unmarried man who has lived in Gracepoint for two decades. David Tennant, who is well-known in the UK for “Doctor Who” but less well-known in the U.S., should significantly up his American profile with the new series, which starts shooting in January. He also starred in Brit “Broadchurch” — I’m getting a little tired of British actors playing Americans on television: how many Americans are allowed to play British on Brit TV?

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