BBC Releases New “Sherlock” Mini-Episode

We knew he survived, but we just didn’t know how. At the end of the second season of the BBC’s acclaimed modern reimagining of Sherlock Holmes, our hero leapt from the top of a London high-rise, only to re-emerge in the shadows at his own burial. In a seven-minute teaser episode released on Christmas Eve, no further clues were offered to explain Sherlock’s improbable feat. Still, the BBC knows exactly what its viewers want for Christmas: something to tide us over until the third season starts next week, with American airing later in 2014. The short video, entitled “Many Happy Returns,” sets the stage for Sherlock (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) to return to London. His friends still think he’s dead; his sidekick Watson (Martin Freeman) even wound up in therapy. As “Many Happy Returns” begins, we find that a series of crimes across the globe, from New Dehli to Germany, have been solved by almost impossible means.

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