Another Reason To Avoid Movie Theaters

Like most of you, I don’t go to as many movies in theatres as I used to: the constant texting and eating and talking put me off, as does the cost of tickets. If I were wealthy, this announcement would make me even less likely to leave the house for the pictures: Just days before the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas next week, Samsung unveiled a massive 110-inch Ultra HD TV that comes with an equally hefty pricetag of $150,000 in South Korea. While movie theaters show images in 4096 x 2160 resolution, the newest Ultra HD TVs show them in 3840 X 2160, too close for comfort for theater operators. Because of that, expect exhibitors to demand a tighter hold on current release windows in order to protect ticket and concession sales. And expect more sequels and 3-D extravaganzas from Hollywood: anything to keep us from watching everything at home on small-cinema-size screens.

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