New “Sherlock”: Did He Fake His Death?

The Sherlock TV series featuring Martin Freeman as Watson and Benedict Cumberthingie as the chief detective has returned: technically only in Britain but also to anyone with a little downloading patience. The reviews for the new episode were mostly good. The Guardian writes: ‘The mystery of how Sherlock Holmes survived his rooftop plunge proved even more complicated than the BBC1 drama’s most ardent fans could have imagined. [The show] returned for the third series on Wednesday promising answers to the puzzle that has confounded the show’s 10 million viewers for the last two years (if you have not seen the opening episode and do not want to know, stop reading now). But by the end of the long-anticipated return they were still wondering, with no clear answer as to how exactly he managed to topple off the roof of St Bart’s Hospital in London’s Smithfield and live to solve another clue.

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