Golden Globes Do The “Hustle”

“American Hustle” continued its climb toward the Oscars at the Golden Globes, taking home acting prizes for Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams and the best picture/comedy award. (It didn’t take screenplay or director, suggesting “AH”‘s Oscar haul will be no sweep.) The other big winner was HBO’s colossal slice of tasteless cheese, “Behind the Candelabra,” about Liberace. (Complete winners here.) The strangest acceptance speech came from Jacqueline Bisset, who didn’t in a million years expect to win and it showed when she climbed the stage and extended her silence as if she were giving an audition for some unproduced play by Samuel Beckett. The Globes themselves felt longer than usual: the nominees got drunk for the most part, which may have been fun for them but wasn’t for us. Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio won best actor/comedy, which may push him into an Oscar nom this week but not a win: the winner for Best Actor will probably be Matthew McConaughey, for “Dallas Buyers Club,” as well as his costar, Jared Leto, for Best Supporting Actor. Other multiple winners in television: “Breaking Bad,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” this year’s breakout comedy.

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