“Duck Dynasty” Tonight: Will You Watch?

To all of my urban friends, you’d be surprised how many readers LW has in the heartland, where they are more likely to tune in tonight than their fellow Americans who eat pizza with a knife and fork. Since last season, Phil Robertson has run his mouth, proving what the old YouTube clips long showed: he’s a jerk. An endless number of commentators have fumed or crowed about what he said. The first new episodes of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” since that controversy are being broadcast tonight, and people who were fans of the show before Robertson’s ignorant, attention-getting remarks about gays and blacks have to decide whether they’re still fans. We can already assume that the ratings for the double-episode premiere of Season 5 on Wednesday will be huge because certain conservatives, coming to Mr. Robertson’s defense, have made “Duck Dynasty” a rallying point of sorts. But whatever numbers the show puts up, this will be a different “Duck Dynasty” in one sense. For Seasons 1 through 4, this reality series about a Louisiana family that makes duck calls was harmless fun for anyone other than ducks.

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