Ooh-Hoo: Jackman Returning To Broadway

Hugh Jackman may have vanished from “Houdini,” but he’ll be materializing on Broadway early next year in “The River,” a play from London by Jez Butterworth. Jackman, Broadway’s No. 1 box office draw, withdrew from the “Houdini” musical a couple of weeks ago due to “scheduling issues.” But he doesn’t like to be away from the theater for long and quickly set about looking for a show. In the Butterworth, which Michael Riedel says has echoes of Pinter’s “Old Times,” Jackman will ‘be playing a reclusive man with a passion for trout fishing and, perhaps, other, more disturbing hobbies.’ Sounds deadly dull to me but there are two reasons why it will sell out: 1) Jackman; 2) an 80-minute running time.

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