Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” has gotten meh reviews, but I still wanna see it. Television: The Met’s not-much-loved “Eugene Onegin,” with Anna Netrebko, is broadcast on Friday on PBS. As for HBO, on Sunday: The new gay-in-San-Francisco series, “Looking, which I found underwhelming, premieres; and I’ll give “True Detective” another go, even though the first episode was all mood. Meanwhile, “Downton” has dug itself a big hole with the Anna storyline. Music: “High Hopes” is mid-level Springsteen. I’m still listening to the “Frozen” soundtrack, even though the rumor it will be turned into a Broadway musical is scary. Books: I liked “The Book Thief” book better than “The Book Thief” movie. Sports: The four teams in the NFL playoffs were the four teams predicted to make it before the season started. Rah, Russell! Boo, Brady! Finally: How many of your children can recite the preamble to the U.S. Constitution? How about the Declaration of Independence?

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