Sundance: I’m So Glad I’m Not There

I used to go to Sundance, regularly, back in the days before swag suites (which have lost some of their influence, mercifully) and 2 am parties which the young and the desperate feel compelled to attend. One thing I learned from this festival, which let me make clear I am glad exists: ninety percent of the movies which are intensely buzzed-about there turn out, when they are released months and months and months later in theatres, to be majorly underwhelming. So when I read that, this year, movies like “Whiplash,” “Laggies,” “The Skeleton Twins” (pictured), and “Life Itself” are “knock-outs” and “mesmerizing” and “spectacular,” I ask myself: what words would the cheerleaders for these flicks find to describe “Raging Bull” or “Vertigo” or “All About Eve”?

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