My Real Problem With “Sherlock”

Even Sherlock had to get there eventually. Sunday night’s episode, “The Sign of Three,” found Watson and Mary tying the knot — although, not surprisingly, it was Sherlock who took center stage at the reception. Sherlock’s best-man toast served as the framing mechanism for the episode, and, of course, there were a few murders to be solved in flashbacks, but the episode was, fully, a love story — and not the one between the newly wedded Watsons. In other words, it was bromance as usual. And that, my dears, is the problem: I cannot stand bromance stories in any form. All this tip-toeing around the obvious is way too coy for my taste. Just do the deed, please. Perhaps in centuries gone by, before “Brokeback Mountain” liberated us from sublimation, we were content to have a wink and a glance substitute for a shove and a poke. But not now, and certainly not between Holmes and Watson, who, in the forms of Cumberthingie and Freeman, are the gayest thing going.

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