Late Night: Pickle Has Been Passed

I think my friend Jerry Wade, who specializes in giant zucchinis, will be jealous of this: As of last night’s episode of the “Late Night,” the pickle has been passed and Seth Meyers has “officially” been welcomed as the new host of the talk show. As part of a tradition preserved since the days of David Letterman, departing “Late Night” hosts and their staffs bestow a giant plastic pickle upon the new host. Jimmy Fallon says he got the pickle from Conan O’Brien — who received it from David Letterman’s staff. For a crisper spin, last night’s episode marks the first time the exchange will happen on screen. Fallon, of course, is leaving the “Late Night” after February 6 to become the new host of “The Tonight Show” on February 17. Seth Meyers’ first “Late Night” episode airs February 24, after NBC is done with all the Sochi nonsense.

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